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Funny Ads

Interesting Funny Advertisements (24)

Publicizing is a type of correspondence for promoting and used to empower, influence, or control a crowd of people to proceed with or make some new move. Most normally, the coveted result is to drive buyer conduct as for a ...

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70th annual tomato food fight in Bunol


Today’s Google Doodle has joined in on the act to celebrate the 70th anniversary of  world big food festival. More than 20,000 individuals have pelted one another in the road with tomatoes in the current year’s “Tomatina” as the Spanish occasion ...

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Coolest Roof Tops


We love rooftops and especially if there is something happening on them. Like a soccer field or just a cool bar with stunning views. Since we love it so much we’ve put together 12 of the Coolest Rooftops in the world. ...

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Water Bridge in Germany


The bridge is 918 meters, including 690 meters on land, 228 meters above the water. It is the largest water bridge in Europe. The idea of building this bridge was expressed in 1919, and by 1938 the ship lift Rothensee ...

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