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There should be a RECOGNITION for everyone to appreciate their work. AWARDS were made for that purpose only. Award winning is not a ordinary thing, it requires a lot of effort, dedication, sacrifice etc., The awards were given to different feilds. still, photography awards drags the vast crowd’s attention as photographs will be loved by everyone. It helps us to makes us happy.

2011 International Photograhy Awards


Kumar Raja Surisetty was Awarded:1ST Place inSpecial
Special Effects Category for the winning entry “Sign of Signature”


Ashish Sharma – NAT GEO awards 2011

2012 World Press Photo

Total numbers: 5, 247 Photographers,  101, 254 pictures.124 Nationalities, 24 nationalities in Three hundred and fifty images by 57photographers  were awarded prizes in nine categories. To view the Photo collection of images from the 55th World Press Photo. — Paula Nelson

2012 World Press Photo of the Year

2012 World Press Photo of the Year :1st Prize Portrait Singles: Iranian-born Danish actress Mellica Mehraban, Copenhagen, May (Laerke Posselt)


  1. Herschel Walker: “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.”