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Comet ISON Pictures

Comet ISON:
Undoubtedly this is beautiful visual treat for your eyes. The comet ISON was discovered on 21st September 2012 by 2 Russian space researchers. It is mentioned as the “Comet of the Century” by various space researchers. It is considered to be brighter than a Full Moon. In October-November 2013, the ISON is travelling towards the SUN. As it moves towards the sun, it is getting brighter and brighter. Also, it is increasing its velocity of speed when it moves closer to the sun. Some research is saying that, the ISON will be collapsed when it is closer to the sun. Some researchers were made and they suggest that, it will not get collapsed; it will make an orbit around the sun and will travel back to the planets of solar system. Some groups believes that, it is nothing but what it is mentioned as Planet X, the Nibiru. It will destroy the earth. Whatever may happen, the beauty of the ISON makes the people wonder and turns the whole worlds interest towards it. It will be much visible to the natives of earth, even to naked eyes if it survives from sun in the month of December 2013 and January 2014. What a tribute by the nature to the world. Enjoy some super clicks of ISON by different sources.