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Dancers At Home

These Dancers Put Your Daily Routine To Shame

Artists have been drawn, painted, and captured for whatever length of time that they have been around. Be that as it may, exactly what do they look like when not moving for a group of people?

David Perkins presents an answer. The picture taker has been snapping shots of artists for over 10 years, yet some place along the line found that his occupation had turned out to be less of an open door and more like work. The unavoidable costs and bothers of discovering studios, lighting, and hair and cosmetics specialists for a shoot had taken their toll. That is when Perkins chose to photo artists in their normal component.

Composing for Bored Panda, Perkins says, “I attempted to think about a kind of venture I could do. What had been done some time recently? Everything had been done some time recently. Yet, then I understood, that was a falsehood. Artists are quite often seen performing. They are seen in front of an audience, or on the screen, or even out around New York City among the numerous milestones. What you never see are artists at home, simply acting naturally. So that is the thing that I started to concentrate on. Artists in their Home Stage. No lights. No studios. No hair or make up done. Just artists acting naturally… well, kind of.”

Source: David Perkins



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Dancers At Home


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Dancers At Home


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Dancers At Home


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Dancers At Home



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