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Fun With Fruit: Superb Bananas Artwork

Fun With Fruit: Incredible Creations Using Bananas

Meet Elisa Roche. She is a Banana craftsman, which all began when she was exhausted at work one day. She began doodling… on a banana. The drawing inspired a colleague, who recommended her to transfer it on the web. That pastime is currently #FunWithFruit on Instagram, a page committed to her astounding banana workmanship.

“When I was a child I was extremely diletantish, yet it was somewhat kept down in light of the fact that my guardians needed me to be all the more generally scholarly. “There was dependably that craftsman within me, and I get it has at long last turn out, just in a touch of an odd style.”

She additionally told Mirror Online, “I have been calling it ‘Fun With Fruit, so I get it doesn’t need to be just bananas. Possibly we could see mangoes or pineapples later on. Who knows

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