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Great China wall Pictures

Every body interested the great wall of china history about it. The great wall of China is one of the greatest man made building of the world built across the Historical northern borders of China. This is built to protect the Chinese empire from various enemiesor war like forces. when was the great wall of china built ? The actual early wall is built between 220-206 BC by the first emperor of China, QIN SHI HUANG. Then it is rebuilt and maintained during the MING Dynasty. The wall measures around 8850 Kms. It is an amazing man made effort. Also great wall of china from space View is Amazing.The wall is such a great extent that, it can be seen as a line from the Space. Great wall of china is one of the man made element that can be viewed from the Space.

the wall of china1 Great China wall Pictures


picture of great wall of china 530x331 Great China wall Pictures


image of great wall of china 530x397 Great China wall Pictures


Great Wall Of China Wallpapers 2 530x397 Great China wall Pictures


200932154645558 2 530x478 Great China wall Pictures


Great Wall Of China Facts 530x349 Great China wall Pictures


wonders great wall china 530x353 Great China wall Pictures


Great Wall of China 01 530x397 Great China wall Pictures


great wall of china from space 530x397 Great China wall Pictures


great wall of china map 530x425 Great China wall Pictures


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