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Miniature Calendar

Creative Art
Japanese artist Tanaka Tatsuya decided to hold a creative experiment – every day for four years to create fun scenes with miniature plastic toys. Girl imaginatively enter the men in the everyday environment, depicting their interaction with everyday objects. The project was called “Miniature Calendar” – the author puts another picture on your site every day. On the creation of the “environment” for the toys do not have to spend a lot of time – everything you need already in the midst of any person in everyday reality.

Tiny climbers to conquer the mountain of toilet paper, athletes jump over the staples, surfers gliding over the edge of the cabbage leaf. Little astronauts carefully study the pistachios, and the bravest men went down into the bowels of a don’t     with a nut crumb. The artist managed to fill each thumbnail dynamics and sincere emotions, causing the viewer genuine admiration.







photos by Tanaka Tatsuya