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The Allianz Arena

Welcome to the pictures of the Allianz Arena,Located in the Munich, Bavaria, Germany. This stadium has been constructed for the home games of two professional Munich football clubs. The construction had started in 2002 and got completed in 2005. Then, Allianz has leased this stadium for 30 years. So, it is named as Allianz Arena. However, they don’t have the names when the events like FIFA and UEFA happens and are not official tournament partners. It has a capacity of 69901 spectators. The façade of this Arena is constructed of 2874 ETFE-foil air panels is its specialty. It looks as a white colored from far, but when it is viewed closely, there are little dots on the panels. This is specially made for changing colors in the panels. The colors like, Red, blue and green can be made in these panels. These colors will be based on the home teams that are playing the tournaments, respectively. It really attracts the spectators very much. See its beauty with different colors in the stadium.

Aerial Photos

Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena

Credit :- (Klaus Leidorf)

Aerial Photography

A Socceroo In Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

football stadium

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich

wide photography

Allianz Arena Munchen wide photography


Allianz Arena Munich Germany Champions League Final

Munich stadium

The Beautiful Allianz Arena Photos


The Beautiful Allianz Arena Photos


Allianz Arena Stadium Top View


Bayern München and Allianz Arena


Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium


Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium

Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium

Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium


Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium


Allianz Arena Bayern Munich Stadium

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