Titanic Underwater


Titanic was huge passenger ship which is much popular all over the world because of its sank on its first voyage from U.K to Newyork by 1912, in North Atlantic Ocean. This incident made the world to turn back, as the ship owners had claimed that this ship is unwerckable and cannot be sanked. But unfortunately, the ship had hit an large iceberg had sank on the 4th day of its first voyage. Many people dies in this incident as there were no proper safety measures has been taken as they thought it cannot be sunk. Till now, this “TITANIC” is popular to the world and a super Hit Film was given by James Cameroon in the name of TITANIC.

wallpaper 15 2 Titanic Underwater

Titanic Underwater Pictures

wallpaper 11 2 Titanic Underwater

Titanic Underwater Pictures

Bow Railing of the titanic Titanic Underwater

Bow Railing of the titanic

titanic propeller photography 3781 600x450 Titanic Underwater


titanicindeepwaternew 1024x682 Titanic Underwater


titanic bow06 2004 1024x574 Titanic Underwater

Titanic Revisit

Titanic Bow 768x1024 Titanic Underwater


titanic ballard field 11074 600x450 Titanic Underwater


Titanic9a 1024x684 Titanic Underwater


titanic 4 1024x576 Titanic Underwater


 By   NationalGeographic

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