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Innovative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Perfect time of share the love is Christmas celebration. It gives   love and blesses of god. That day create lifelong memories, not only to receive gifts, but share with others, of the years.”Gift”  is a thing to given without expectation. The packaging of gift is traditionally. So today I will give some ideas how to pack the gifts? Because the package gives a expectation, emotion, happy and many other thinks about gift. Western cultures, they wrapped by wrapping papers, with gift note regards the occasion. Chinese, used red connotes. Before you present it, select the items based on relationships. The reason is it express love, Friendship, gratitude, Piety, Charity, Solidarity, mutual aid, share wealth, etc.., After that make a wrapping using chalkboard tags and sheets give a personal touch of the gifts. Black stats show a rich look. Other things like old sweaters, cloths,  Kraft paper, features, tapes, neon string and give an excellent sight of the present. Totally, the gifts make the giver heart precious and deal. So use this Christmas love, joy, and caring by gifts.

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Add a pop of color to plain white paper with some neon string, like this one from Little Design Studio

Draw some designs on plain paper using a silver pen, like these from Minieco

Use washi tape to add some color to white paper, like these from Almost Makes Perfect

Create some gold tipped paper feathers to add something different, like these ones from Lia Griffith – instructions here.

Add an elegant white reindeer silhouette on kraft paper, like this one from Parties For Pennies

Recycle old sweaters into cozy gift wrappings, like these ones from Boxwood Clippings.

Use white chalkboard markers to draw on black wrapping paper, like these ones from Going Home To Roost – instructions here.

Add some black star stickers and twine to plain brown kraft paper, like this one from Blank Goods

Make a paper snowflake topper, like this one from Giochi di Carta –instructions here.


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