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Privacy policy

Pictures Collection – www.picturescollections.com is the website created by the idea of an Individual. The basic idea of this website is to share the images,which has given a fabulous inspiration and joy to an Individual, to the world wide internet users. The images used in this website may not be belongs to this website owner but it is adopted from various websites with rich quality images.

These images may be under the Pattern rights / copyrights of others i.e, the images used in www.picturescollections.com may be belongs to some other individual or company. If the visitors of the website www.picturescollections.com uses the images, they should know the process involved in the Pattern rights / copyrights issues. Similarly, www.picturescollections.com will not be responsible for any pattern rights / copyrights issue in the cases of the viewers used the pictures displayed in the website, that belongs to others. So, the use of the images from the website www.picturescollections.com is purely at the risk of the visitors of the website and the website owner is not at all responsible for any legal actions based on RIGHT TO USE under the Pattern/copy rights.

This site is to see and enjoy the special high quality images that can provides a refreshing feeling to the eyes of the viewers. It is purely a sharing of JOY & INSPIRATIONS. The website www.picturescollections.com may have several special and High quality images that belongs to several industries, several countries, several inspirations. So the viewers can enjoy the cool collection of pictures at a single point.

The images of several celebrities and their special talents also can be displayed. The major concept is to service all the viewers to enjoy the collections under single roof. So the visitors can revisit the website for more times and have their wonderful feelings.

If any visitor finds out that the website www.picturescollections.com used any images that is under Pattern/copyrights of any, kindly write to us, and the admin will remove the controversial picture/image immediately.

There is a option to viewers to comment on the pictures that had displayed in the website www.picturescollections.com and all the comments were most welcomed as those comments helps us to provide a good service and good quality images to the new viewers.

Also, the www.picturescollections.com can rectify the flaws, if any in the website contents. The text contents of the website www.picturescollections.com is created by the own individual thoughts and with some clarifications from the internet.