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Surreal Underwater Photography By Lara Zankoul


Lebanon-based picture taker LaraZankoul makes strange symbolism for her arrangement ‘The Unseen‘. Utilizing a water tank, Zankoul extravagantly creates different unconventional scenes. Every life-size photo is isolated into equal parts by the surface of the water and components subjects in ...

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Lips Drawings


Surreal Pencil Drawings Switzerland-based illustrator and artist Christo Dagorov created this unusual series of pencil drawings that transform the texture of lips into trees, the aerial layout of a city, and even other human forms         Credit

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unusual pictures


These unusual pictures capture your imagination!                                              

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Alexander Khokhlov photography | Art of Face

Weird Beauty by Alexander Khokhlov

Hi folks, good afternoon … This time I bring something that surprised me: Alexander Khokhlov a Russian artist specializing in painting and his favorite paintings are the faces of models which make true works of art, these are some of ...

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