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Photos of Dubai – the craziest city in the world


Dubai – one of the UAE, in which all the shouting about erraticism and extravagance. Altogether for in the range of 30 years in the angling town has turned into the wealthiest city of inconceivable excellence. Its curious building design ...

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Longmen – stone cave in the Drakensberg Gate This unique complex of Buddhist cave temples submitted to the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is recognized as one of the most important religious places of this kind in the territory ...

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Coolest Roof Tops


We love rooftops and especially if there is something happening on them. Like a soccer field or just a cool bar with stunning views. Since we love it so much we’ve put together 12 of the Coolest Rooftops in the world. ...

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African Voodoo Market



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The hottest wonders of New Zealand

The hottest wonders of New Zealand

The land around Rotorua, in New Zealand, is home to a highly active geothermal zone. There we can enjoy the beauty of rare phenomena, like geysers, hot springs, incredible pools and other features. They scatter a wide array of colors that ...

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20 World Beautifully Secluded Places In The World


Thimphu, Bhutan The steppes of Kazakhstan The Phobjikha Valley in Bhutan The fjords of Iceland The fjords of Baffin Island The Deer Stones of Mongolia The Castles of Switzerland The Austrian countryside Taktsang Palphug Monastery in Bhutan Song Kul, Kyrgyzstan ...

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World attractions at night


This is the amazing photography of world Icon’s Pyramids and Giza necropolis. Lublin Castle Petra The hotel “Burj Al Arab” International Finance Centre in Hong Kong. Bran – Dracula’s Castle. TV Tower in Auckland. Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the ...

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