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Latest Hair Styles


Who has room schedule-wise to take a shot at a confused hairdo in the morning? No one, aside from maybe sovereignty or famous people, albeit even they most likely get tired of having their hair ‘done’. Disregard unpredictable plaiting and ...

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The Yearly World Body Painting Festival


The yearly World Body painting Festival A craftsman paints a model amid the yearly World Bodypainting Festival in Poertschach, Austria, July 3, 2015. The occasion happens from July 3 to 5 at lake Woerthersee in Austria’s southern Carinthia territory. SourcesSources

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Creative Costumes


These people not only with all my heart, but their appearance and support their team at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.                          

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Funny Makeups


The artist draws adorable cartoon characters on her lips and when she moves them a little bit, these characters would change their facial expression!So adorable & cute. Sources                         ...

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Beard colors


New trend in beards – their beautiful flower decoration beards. Looks strange, but can enjoy the girls, and of course, a fan of Lana Del Rey ..              

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shoe bakery



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London International Tattoo Convention


London International Tattoo Convention was created in 2005, has evolved into an enormous influence on the record cover a big range of events, the Conference encompasses many arrangements of tattoo culture, and provides a variety of optional entertainment and recreational ...

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photos of the day-Fashion


Now fashion plays a vital role in life. This fashion is a output of a modern age. Particularly girls. The target of fashion is mainly faced girls. Fashion is general for footwear, make up, etc. it also refers the newest ...

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Beautiful Hair Styles by Nick Stenson

Hair Trends

Hair Styles that make a vital role for both Men and Women. Life is going for very busy for today. We punished to travel very fast and get a special attraction from our surroundings. Each person have a compulsory to ...

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