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chinese factory workers portraits


Chinese Toys Story
Toys were the best gift to many kids for any occasions. Especially Christmas and New Year. The sales will be a great market in every nook and corner of the world. It has got a special attraction and attention to anyone who wish to gift someone.

You can find a great happiness by giving a toy to a child and sees the happiness of that kid.Apart from the kids, like Mickey Mouse and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Barbie, Teddy bear has got a great response between the girls circle Also, this is the best season for gifting. Yes, Christmas and the New Year is arriving very shortly. So, gift products will find a great market throughout the world.

China have 75% of manufacture in Toys, But all employees worked in slave. I would like to share some photography about inside factories shoot .Mr. Michael Wolf took Toy manufacture  from Chinese factory.Read more about real Toy Story

 photography of making toys

German photographer Michael Wolf

chinese labour

every time more pressure Chinese factory workers are being forced to work long hours and sleep on factory.for dead end of production.

toy exhibit

German photographer Michael Wolf took these photos and exhibit

  1. 16,000 second hand toys and three people 10 hours per day for three days to install the toys on an exhibiting wall.
  2. The project involved 40 cans of black spray paint, 45,000 magnets and 45m sq of wall space

working photos

toys production

They are not allowed to talk or listen to musicThey are not allowed to talk or listen to music

They are not allowed to talk or listen to music

Ant forced to eat substandard meals from the factory cafeterias.

toy manufacture

Chinese toy factory to see the living conditions and assembly of toys


work long hours and sleep on factory floors, among piles of doll parts.

                      In recent years, human rights campaigners have frequently raised concerns over the                                                              conditions of Chinese factory workers who make an estimated £150 a month.

china people

Across China 8,000 toy-making factories employing 3.5 million people.

baby toy

Chinese factory workers often work an extra 36.5 hours a week but are paid only 59 per cent of the minimum wage

kids toy

34p an hour, the men and women work six or seven days a week -Chinese toy factory

German photographer Michael Wolf took these photos during visits to five factories in mainland China.

making of toys

Hard work, little money – capture from Toy Photography

factory workers portraits

A report in 2009 revealed that one million Chinese factory workers suffered industrial accidents in that year alone.

inside of Chinese factory

Most of the toys manufacturing from outside are outsourced to China due to cheap labour and expenses

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