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11 Structural Failed Architects


Structural designing is the loudest of the building’s – what structural specialists make is unmistakable and can be seen, touched and lived-in by numerous for a long time. We have seen some stunning wonders of structural building in past and ...

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Paris sculpture


An unusual setting in a Paris park is an original art installation by Japanese designer. The sculpture consists of cubes of different sizes, which together visually resemble pixel squares, some incredible way materialized in real life The original sculpture in ...

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32 Funny Finger Art

Finger Art

We can find a lot of people having an extra ordinary love & affection over the Art & Design. They may even dedicate their whole life for Art. It will be their Breath & blood. It has such a power ...

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International Architecture Design

architectural design

Architect Design A Home will be the best place for everyone to live comfortably. Wherever we roam around for Fashion and  fun, we love to come back to our home for our leisure sleep. We love our Home more if it ...

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