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Incredible India: Phugtal Monastery

Phugtal Monastery

The nature and unbelievable things are spread all over the world. Our country also had these types of places. But we don’t know about this. So that today I would like to post some photography regards that one spiritual area in northern India, Phugtal Monastery or Phugtal gompa in Zanskar, Ladakh. Gangsem Sherap Sampo founded this in 12th century. It looks like a honeycomb, located on the lateral gorge cliff face of the Lingti Tsarap river. Upto 70 monks stayed here and prayer room, library, kitchen, guest rooms present here. Phuktal Gompa is one of the few Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh that can be reached only on foot. To reach Padum, one has to take a cab from Padum to Raru, where the road ends, and the trekking starts from there. A day’s or two’s walk will lead you to Phugtal via two small villages – Chatang and Purne. The monastery is about 7 km from Purne.