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China’s Glass Walkway


Today i would like to share some best miles stone of human,a lot of treasure of created himself.This century every country had given imported for technologies, improving Economic and Business.very few also consentration Tourism developmental Department.Government what make latest thinks ...

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Beauty China aerial view


China photography A photo speaks thousand times louder than a word. Photography have some subcategory, one of is “travel photography” involving to show the history of people, customs, cultures, and landscape. China is a surprised country in the beauty of ...

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Believe or Not This is Sky Ladder


Its Still, awesome, right? Unstable Chinese craftsman Cai Guo-Qiang as of late effectively unleashed his Sky Ladder over Huiyu Island in Quanzhou to commend his grandma’s 100th birthday. This fourth and last endeavor is a perfection of 21 years of ...

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Longmen – stone cave in the Drakensberg Gate This unique complex of Buddhist cave temples submitted to the World Heritage List of UNESCO and is recognized as one of the most important religious places of this kind in the territory ...

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Terraced Paddy


Organization UNESCO included in UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces Honghe Hani, located in the Chinese province of Yunnan. The total number of UNESCO sites in China rose to 45. Rice terraces carved by hand on hillsides considered manmade wonder of ...

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Looking at what skills, I do not think is a very human technology. Kung fu than you are to survive firmly still, towards the ninja of Japan, which lost almost tangible is high also popular is the irony.Absolutely mind blowing   ...

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Ocean of Flowers in China


One side is exhaustively covered with yellow flowers earth Yunnan Rataira County, it becomes a sea of flowers in the spring.This flower garden in full bloom with flowers of rapeseed you have taken this year.It is filled with yellow rape ...

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Mid-Autumn Festival


Just past the Mid-Autumn Festival, watch the full moon lights the coastal garden. Originally wanted to bring a smile to go with treasure, but unfortunately went along with my grandmother back to the villagers. More than special garden attractions – ...

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